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What we can offer you:

Acle Indoor Bowls Club offers its members a large array of internal leagues at all times of the day and evening as well as plenty of ‘Roll up’ sessions.  We also offer the opportunity to enter Club, County or National competitions.

 We can offer something for everyone at any level.


Acle’s County Federation Champions 2018/19 

Ladies County  Leagues in progress

What we can offer you


Acle Indoor Bowls Club offers its members a large array of internal leagues at all times of the day and evening as well as plenty of ‘Roll up’ sessions.  We also offer the opportunity to enter club, County or National competitions.

 We can offer something for everyone at any level.

Club Fees


    •    Annual Membership  -  £40

(includes social club membership)

Juniors  -  £10

    •    2 hour rink fees  -       £2.50     (£4 for guests)

             Juniors  -  £1

    •    Coaching  -                Free

    •    Equipment hire  -        Free

    •    Lockers for season  -   £5


      Juniors must be under 18 and in full time education

Where we are

New Members

At Acle Indoor Bowls Club, we always welcome new members. Beginners can take advantage of free hire of equipment and coaching by our fully qualified coaches. This service is also free of charge.  We also have a special wheelchair for use on the rinks, for the disabled.

Of course, experienced bowlers of any level are also made more than welcome at Acle.

Acle IBC  has 2 hour sessions on every day of the week during the main season ( September - April ). During these sessions, various events take place:

       •    Internal leagues (Pairs, Triples & Fours, all in Mens, Ladies and Mixed formats).

    •    A friendly ‘Drive’ session where you may be drawn to play against (and with) anyone. All very light hearted and a half time cup of something refreshing goes down very nicely.  You may even be in the money at the end of it all.

    •    For those more competitive, there are inter-club matches in the County Leagues as well as Club & County or even national competitions.

    •    We also welcome visiting executive and county teams in friendly games

Acle Indoor Bowls facility was built in 1993 as part of the

 Acle Recreation Centre complex.


At Acle Indoor Bowls, our goal is to provide you with a courteous & professional service of the highest calibre. For those who require help,

our coaches are adaptable and find ways to help you enjoy the sport of Bowls.

Meet friends, have a game and then a drink either in the Bowls Lounge or the Recreation Centre Bar, and on occasions why not a enjoy a meal.

A club steward is always on call in the Bowls Lounge to assist, making your game and visit an enjoyable social occasion. Sport is all about enjoyment and competing, there are many internal club leagues and for those a bit more adventurous Acle Indoor Bowls are represented in County Leagues.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with an Acle IBC representative regarding our club please don’t hesitate to contact us:


At Acle Indoor Bowls, its members always come first.

Committee Members

(Rogues Gallery)

Denis Goodley


Lilian Barber

(Secretary & Ladies Secretary)

John Baldry

(Men’s President)

Wendy Woollaston

(Ladies President)

Barbara Meeks

(Ladies Competition Secretary)

Barney Wymer

(Men’s Competition Secretary)

Ken Scott-Greenard

(Recreation Centre Representative)

Marjorie Ward

(Social Liaison Officer)

Bill Downie

(Webmaster & Denis’s I.T. Apprentice)

Brian Grint

(Publicity Officer)

The Club’s Spacious Bar Area

Live Webcams

The club was the first in the country to have live streaming of the games in progress.   It currently boasts 4 HD Cameras covering all 6 rinks at both ends.   These are live 24/7 for all to see Free of charge.       

Click on the Camera you wish to view below:

Rinks 1, 2 & 3

Scoreboard end

Rinks 1, 2 & 3

Lounge end

Rinks 4, 5 & 6

Lounge end

Rinks 4, 5 & 6

Scoreboard end


Internal Leagues      Click on a day

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Click on Badge to view all the Men’s County League Fixtures, Tables & Results 

County Leagues       

Click on Badge to view all the  Ladies County League Fixtures, Tables & Results 

Match Reports       

Men’s ‘A’ Team       

Men’s Section       

At  home to County Arts A  the Mens A Team were intent  on a  win. Ryan Garman, Barney Wymer, Ivan Borrett  and Simon Elliott  went 9-6  at 10 ends and after  a 5 on the 14th were 15-8, and went on to win 23-11. Paul  Nicholls,Jim Fruin, Denis Goodley and  Ian Wones started well  going 14-5 at  10  ends  and 17- 7 at 14  and  went on to win 19-16. Mark Elliott, Geoff Ramsbottom, Darren Rowsell  and Tony Dunton  were 10-3 up at 10 ends,   12 each at 18 and finished with a 14 each draw. Richard Pope, Robert Brooks, Josh Baxter and Dan Ramsbottom scored a 5 on the 2nd end dropped a 5 on the 3rd and  by 10 were16-9 up, 19 each at 18 ends and they also finished drawing 22  each.


Result  78-63   and 6-1 pts








Men’s ‘B’ Team       

Away to Arts B  the Mens B had  Aaron Linford, David Brawn, Alan Benson-Nutt  and Scott  Turner  despite dropping a 5  on the 3rd went 16-6 up at 10 ends and were   21-10 at 15, but playing the final end were 22-21, secured a win 25-21. Brian Kirby, Ian Anderson, John Harris  and Wyn Willimott  were 7 each at 10, 11-10 at 15 , playing the final end were 14-13  and  finished 14 each. Brian Grint’s rink went 14-6 at 10, 16-13  at 15 were 17 each playing the final end but lost 17-19. Vic Moore’s rink were  3-12  at 10 dropped a 5 on the 15th to be 5-21 recovered but lost 13-23.


Result  69-77 and  1 ½  - 5 ½ pts.





Men’s ‘C’ Team       

Away to Pentney A the Mens C team realised it was to be a game of Cowboys and Indians.

Andy Goodhand, Geoff Webb, Colin Minns and Gordon Ives  went from 2-6 down to 9-6 up by 9 ends, but with all guns  blazing went 16-9 up at 15 and went on to win 19-15. Colin Starkin’s rink came from 1-16 down to 15-21 at 18 ends but lost 17-22. Mick Askham’s rink went from 6-3 up to 6-14 down and lost 13-29, while John Lettice rink found the opposition on top form and lost 6-38.


Result  55-104  and 1-6 pts.






Ladies Section       

Ladies ‘A’ Team       

At Home to Hunstanton the Ladies A were out for revenge but when three away team   ladies  failed  to  arrive the task was easier.  Jenny Ramsbottom , Edna Land and Marie Morton scored a 6 on the 3rd end  and another 6 on the 10th to go  20-7 up and won 32-7. Lynne Cannell, Gwyn Xuereband  and Lillian Barber  were 9-3 at 5 , 13-8 at 10  and won 21-14. Gwen Fletton, Andrea  Morton  and Barbara Meeks  scored a 6 on the first end and were 9-2 at 5, won every end from there to win 29-2, Tia  Linford, Amy Barker  and Mel Haylett went 6-3 at 5 , 11-5 at 10 and finished winning 15-5.


Result  97-28  and all 8 pts  

and still keeps alive their championship  hopes.



Ladies ‘B’ Team       

 At   home to Shotford A   the Ladies B  were  intent  on another win to keep top of the table. Pam Spooner, Barbara  Stanton  and Jackie Smith  were 6-5 up at 5  ends, 15-7 at 10 and finished in style with a 6 to win 25-7. Caroline Hines, Sandra Faircloth  and Julia Crosby were 6-2  at  5 ends , 8-4 at 8 and they finished with a 4  to win 13-6.  Elaine Donovan’s  block  went from 2-8 down to 6-9  but lost 8-11 and  Rose Yaxley’s  block only won 5  ends  and lost 7-12.


Result  53-36  and  6 -2 pts




Ladies ‘C’ Team       

At  home to Shotford A  the Ladies C had  Jean Naylor, Jenny Woolaston and Madge Wise go 7-2 up at 5 ends 13-3 at  10 and went on to win 15-8. Molly Hayton, Gemma Siely  and Leslie Hall  were 7-2 up at 5, 11-3 at 10 and a 5 on the 11th helped them to a 19-6 win. Val Giles block were 7-6 with 2 ends left but lost 7-10 and Pauline Lewis  block  dropped two 4’s as they lost 9-18.


Result   50-42  and 6-2  pts.




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