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Our Worthy Winner

Angela Lee

So here we are, unable to get our ‘Bowls Fix’ and spending untold amounts of time in our gardens.

Well, we’d like to see what you’ve achieved with all this time on your hands.  Send us up to 4 pictures of your garden with NO people in the shots and we’ll post them on here with just an entry number with them.

They will then be judged by an ‘Anglia in Bloom’ judge and the winner be awarded hugely expensive prize that we haven’t a clue about yet.

Click here to submit your entry

Entry 1   Steve Webb

Entry 2   Chris Brister

Entry 3   Bob Pyzer

Entry 4   John Spooner

Entry 5   Brian Grint

Entry 6   Barney Wymer

Entry 7   Bill Downie

Entry 8   Bernie Westly

Entry 9   Valerie Giles

Entry 10   Sarah Smith

Entry 11 Angela Lee

Entry 12   Charles Meecham

Entry 13   Denis Goodley

Entry 14   Mick Hayden

Entry 15   Peter Evans

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