Norfolk’s Leading Indoor Bowls Club

12th OCTOBER 2020

1. Congratulations - or in the words of My Fair Lady, "I think they've got it, I do believe they've got it". What are we blithering about, its just to congratulate you all on improving your distancing and obeying the rules.

2. Another Club Competition.

The Club Open Handicap Singles forms are now out. Closing date, 1st November.

3. Heating

Yes, Anglia Boilers 'dun' good. Phew too hot!!

4. Drinks

We do not sell enough so the Bovril has been removed from sale.

5. Spectators

Please remember to sit away from the front seats but you can make as much noise as you wish.

6. Forehead Temperature Tester

The machine has been installed on the wall in the corridor outside the bowls hall. This morning some of our 'vertically challenged' members could not reach high enough to get a reading. It will be reported and moved down a little. Taller people will have to stoop a little lower that's all. Remember, failure means 'Bang, Bang'.

7. Saturday Matches

To keep the Men's County League sides sharp, Barney has invented a new Super Six League for our County sides to play Saturday afternoons, starting 17th October.

8. Sponsors

Denis not too keen on hitting his head against wall so has not been trying for Sponsors HOWEVER if you know of anyone or Company who would be interested in sponsoring our County sides or Juniors let him know.

9. Rhino

Thanks again for Rhino Building Supplies of Acle for sponsoring our Men's B Team and remember they offer all bowlers 10% discount on any purchases.

It has been decided after popular demand to put our webcams back online from Monday 5th October.    Also, to improve viewers enjoyment the electronic scoreboards will also be back in use.

To keep things safe, one designated player on each rink will be given the responsibility to keep the scoreboard up to date. Obviously therefore, it will be updated every second end.  The scoreboard buttons will be sanitised between sessions by the steward on duty. 

28th SEPTEMBER 2020


Sorry no heating so get your thermals on. Information today is that the part needed is on order and the engineer will fit it when it becomes available.


There is plenty of room in Pairs so no need to use the New Red 'T's. You may go back to the normal lengths in Pairs but you must use the red 'T's for triples which helps us all to keep the 2m distance.


Last few days to put in your entries.


Look out for the O'60s men's pairs where you draw out the hat for a partner - forms out later in the week.


After an exchange of views the bar lounge door will now be open and as with any Bar you have to enter wearing a mask, sit at a table and enjoy waitress service.


WE ARE IN URGENT NEED OF MORE STEWARDS - Denis has to cover 8 sessions this coming week.


You still need to pay cash for your rink fees so keep looking out for those £1 coins.


Please do not arrive earlier than 15 minutes before the start of your game. Time is needed between sessions to allow bowlers to leave, after 15 minutes of their session finishing, before the next session players arrive to play.


It has been confirmed by CEO of EIBA that under 18's are allowed to play bowls.

14th SEPTEMBER 2020

    1    OBSERVATION – PLAYERS TOO CLOSE WHEN YOU GET INTO GAME SITUATION - so remember, leads are the only ones on green when you start unless mat is placed up the green to allow 2 metres. Two’s stay at table until their turn to play, and leads change places with them, unless plenty of space on rink for the 2metres. When finished go up green on left and skips do same coming down. If the above does not happen ALL will have to wear masks to keep you all safe.


    3    Lockers – the ones in men’s changing rooms are out of bounds after your first visit BUT SO LONG AS YOU OBSERVE THE 2 METRE RULE THE OTHER LOCKERS MAY BE USED.

    4    STEWARDS –tremendous thanks to our Stewards making all this possible by sterilizing cots/mats etc., between sessions. You have all earned extra brusstle sprouts at the Christmas Dinner.

    5    Lilian – big respect to Lilian for keeping her cool with all these last minute changes to the leagues.


9th September - extra Newsletter

    1    TEMPERATURE TAKING - If you are able to, it would be very good if you could check your temperature before you leave home to come to bowls or failing that, your temperature will be checked by a wall-mounted infrared machine which will read your forehead as you enter the building.

    2    Visors will be available to purchase at £3

    3    Face masks are available at £1-00

    4    Additional wall mounted hand sanitizer in second men's changing room.

    5    We can have 12 spectators at each session.

    6    Our Risk Assessment has been judged as excellent.

    7    With the sporadic opening times of the bar you are recommended to bring your own refreshments.



We are still working on the Leagues with additions and deletions and the printing of the paperwork will commence on Friday 11th September and will definitely be available from Monday 14th September and not as printed in last newsletter as 21st September. Does anyone know of a good wig maker!!


The above Committee have agreed that because they have been closed since March and will not be providing much of a service in the foreseeable future that they will not charge us for membership (£5 pa) for next year.

WE could therefore reduce our membership down to £35.

HOWEVER, Denis has recommended and the Bowls Committee have agreed that the membership remain at £40 as the National Governing Body (EIBA) will be increasing their subscription fees annually (which we pay for out of your £40) and no doubt the Mens and Ladies County Associations are likely to do the same. This £5 saving can cover these increases and we will therefore be in a position to keep our Membership fee down at £40 for at least the next 2 seasons.

If members do not agree with this then they can vote against it at the next AGM and receive a £5 refund.



You may have read very recently that a new rule about groups of more than 6 people will be banned in the UK. This does not include sports and as we are in the COVID SECURE group this does not affect our plans to re-open for bowls.

7th SEPTEMBER 2020


Having pulled the rest of his hair out Denis made the mistake of borrowing a wig and then tried out our new extractor fans - Oops!!


We have now re-arranged this yet again to make it more conducive to 2m spacing, to ensure you will NOT BE obliged to wear masks all the time. Of course you can wear a mask if you wish.


We are still having teams pulling out and a few still looking for players to be able to continue therefore the league paperwork will not be available until later this week and will definitely be ready on Monday 14th September.


Lilian and Denis will be at the Club on the mornings of 9th and 11th from 10am to midday to take any roll-up bookings, membership renewals etc and answer any queries. This is also an opportunity for you to view the new layout and procedures.


With the withdrawal of County Arts from Competitions this puts our ladies through to the semi-final of the Mason Trophy against either Barwell or Lincoln.


These will take place during October, probably on a Tuesday evening. No Ladies County Competitions but men is yet undecided.


For those who have not already entered, forms are available at the Club and should be completed by 1st October,


Cheques/cash to the winners will be presented on our return, when things have settled down a bit.


Our thanks to Simon, Barney and Brian our new stewards. Should you feel able to assist the Club by giving up 2 hours of your time to Steward, please see Denis or Lilian for details.


If you have friends/relations who might wish to try the sport, we will be taking bookings for Sunday morning coaching sessions, or by appointment. See Duty Steward to register.


There will be no DRIVES.


i) During play, skips should not visit the head.

ii) When changing ends, please walk up the left side, keeping 2m distance from the rink(s) beside you coming in the opposite direction.


If you are experiencing any of the 'well published' symptoms of Covid 19 PLEASE DO NOT enter the Club. (If you show up with signs of fever etc will be 'taken out and shot'!!!)



To date there is no evidence to suggest Covid-19 has been transmitted through coins or banknotes.



EIBA Guidance is saying that if you cannot achieve the 2 metre distancing then you need to wear a face mask or visor. We have therefore removed 50% of the Club chairs and re-arranged the lounge area, yet again, so that you will be able to achieve the required spacing and not be obliged to wear masks. HOWEVER, it is still a requirement to wear a mask when entering a sports facility as per shops but Denis is trying to have this requirement waived because of our layout.

2. These rules will mean however that we will require you all NOT to enter the premises until 15 minutes before the start of your game.

3. Denis's 'apprentice IT man', Bill, has also provided a warning announcement to 'vacate the premises on completion of a match'. You may recognise the voice. (Bill's granddaughter is searching for her MP3 player).

4. Glen has also updated 'robot' on the Website.


Please ensure you have a team as the Leagues will soon be printed.


Small change is in short supply everywhere so start collecting your £1 coins.


One surprise is that the Nationals will go ahead.


Unlikely until after Christmas in a different format no doubt.


Please let me know if you have lost the team(s) you had or the team(s) you were in and would like to be on the reserve list for Captains who are short of players. The small list of reserves I had has been used already and has become depleted.



We have done everything we can to make the return to indoor bowls as safe as possible and now it is up to you all to act responsibly and follow the guidelines. Check the Website for the message from our 'lady robot'.

Lets hope we can return to normal next season.


If you would all like to turn up at 10.00am on Saturday 19th September. Denis will issue you with your Rota for the season.

Here are the NEW Session Times for this Season:

1st session - 10-30am to 12 noon then cleansing for 30 mins

2nd session - 12-30 to 2-00pm then 30 mins cleansing

3rd session - 2-30 to 4-00pm then 30 mins cleansing

4th session - 4-30 to 6-00pm then 30 mins cleansing

5th session - 6-30 to 8-00pm then 30 mins cleansing

6th session - 8-30 to 10-00pm then 30 min cleansing


1. Keep a look out on the Website for 'ROBOT' for Covid safety procedures implemented by the Club for the safe return to bowls for the coming season.

2. Pre-season 'roll-up' sessions are now available to book, week commencing Monday 14th September. Three sessions a day between 14th and 18th September, 10.30am, 12.30pm and 6.30pm. To book a session please call the Club on 01493 750869 on 7th, 9th or 11th September between 10.00am and noon.

3. Printout of leagues for Captains will also be available for collection on 7th, 9th and 11th September between 10 and 12. The delay is due to the problems with Covid, therefore we will not be publishing them until the very last moment to avoid problems with late cancellations by Captains.

4. START collecting £1 coins for rink fees for when the season starts.

5. Six new teams have entered various leagues. Some leagues have increased and some have decreased by a small number. Unfortunately Sunday night mixed triples has been the worst hit and it will be cancelled until the New Year. The ladies Tuesday night triples will be played every 2 weeks.

6. And on a sad note, the mother of Frances Hendrick, Marjorie Allen died aged 100 on 16th August.


As a result of the previous Newsletter we have unfortunately had a few Captains withdrawing their teams from the leagues for the coming season.

If you are one of those Captains or a squad member in any of the leagues that have been withdrawn but would still like to return to bowls please let us know and you will be entered onto a reserve list for other league Captains to use.

More work will be done to complete the leagues some time next week and information on when the paperwork will be ready for collection will be published in a future Newsletter.

Acle Indoor Bowls Club are gearing up for a  return  in readiness for the coming season. The club will open for roll-ups in the mornings at 10-30, afternoons at 2-30 and evenings at 6-30pm, week commencing the 14th Sept with the domestic leagues starting w/c 21st September.

Those wishing to book a roll up should telephone the club on 01493 750869 in the mornings of the 7th, 9th and 11th Sept between 10-00am to midday.



We are gearing up for a 14th September roll up week with the leagues starting on Monday 21st September.

2. Any Captain who thinks he/she will not be able to field a team due to concerns about Covid - PLEASE NOTIFY LILIAN IMMEDIATELY as leagues will be run off at the end of this week. (01603 439949 or 07742 040071 email:


The Men's County League Captains met to agree their squads for the coming season but what league format it will be has still not been decided.


Just a reminder that all leagues will be restricted to no more than triples format and will be of 1.5 hour duration to allow for adequate cleaning and clearance of club between games. Fees will be reduced to £2.

WOULD ALL MEMBERS START TO STOCKPILE THEIR £1 AND £2 COINS to help our volunteer stewards handling a lot of money.

5. Glen Gardiner, our new Publicity Officer, is busy preparing a virtual video of procedures to be expected on our return. This is a first for the Club and I suspect a first for any bowling club in the UK. As usual Acle leads the way.


We still have lots of raffle prizes not claimed. Check your numbers. The list is on the website.



For the start of the new season our Ladies B Team squad are short of car drivers so if there is any member able to help please see either Lilian, Elaine Donovan or Denis. Reward, fuel money reimbursed, great company and a day out with some lovely ladies.

2. Attached is the Managers report which would have been read at the AGM plus notes of other matters dealt with by the Committee.

 Managers Speech for 2020 AGM

Another fantastic year for the club, I would just like to give my congratulations to the Top Club team who reached the National quarter-finals and would probably have gone further if we could have moved St Neots a few more miles away.

The Mason – we are still there and play local rivals County Arts for a trip to the National Championships.

Congrats to Ryan who did the club proud by being voted ‘most valuable England player at the U25s British lsles Tournament –at the same tournament one of our old boys won the Player of the Tournament Award – No club have ever had 2 players receive such awards before. Ryan also represented England at U18s level. The coaches are to be congratulated in putting in the hours with our youngsters. This makes a total of 13 youngsters from this club achieving International honours since we opened.

At this point I would like to congratulate an outdoor club, Martham on their coaching work for it is they who introduced and nurtured so many young players. If only all other outdoor clubs did the same, the sport and our club ,would be in a stronger position.

On the national front I am a little out of touch with any developments but do wonder how on earth I found the time to attend so many meetings in Melton and Leamington Spa for the EIBA and BDA. Perhaps they miss me more than I miss them. 

On the lighting front it seems the ladies far more than the men are still having problems and a report has been submitted to the owners, Rec Centre, expressing our concern and requesting ‘expert advice’ for reducing the glare.

On the heating front, prices were being obtained for Air Con and a number of firms had submitted reports. I am concerned that the old boiler may soon cease to function but of course we have lost so much income because of the shutdown this may have to go on the back burner for a time. No pun intended

On a happy note my thanks to our own Social Events workers who have provided us with some excellent evenings this year.

Talking of retirement I am hoping that Marjorie the cleaner will eventually be back – a hard act to follow, my thanks to Rick for covering and keeping the carpet clean. It would help if members did not arrive in their bowling shoes.

Thanks to our Committee for their work and huge thanks to our Stewards who continue to do a sterling job for us. We could do with1 or 2 more so if you want to give something back to this great club of ours see me or Lilian or duty steward. The pay is fantastic and is doubled every year.

Our charity work continues with another cheque of £1000 going to Norfolk Macmillan Nurses which brings their total to £18,276. Our other 2 charities we supported this year were Dementia Support Groups and to show support for another young worker of ours, Matty, during his Fed Presidency we raised money for the Aspergers Society. Matty comes in very useful every Xmas when we put up the Christmas Decs.

Our membership now stands at 540 with 64 new members this year. My thanks again to our coaches for undertaking so many taster sessions and courses. We have 10 qualified coaches in the club, more than any other club, I am not surprised as Acle seems to lead the way in most aspects of the sport. 

We will continue to improve the club and lead the way.

Our thanks to our Presidents who had a successful season, special thanks to Wendy who put in a double shift.

Great that we get our news published in the Merc thanks to Brian. I did complain to the Editor asking why local news was being ignored and we get Canaries stuff over 2 pages whereas you need a magnifying glass to read our news in the village notes. Whilst mentioning Brian what a shock it was to lose such a fantastic club man this year. He will be greatly missed by not just us but many other clubs/societies in the village.

Thanks also to my top IT apprentice Bill on keeping us ahead of the pack with our superb website and webcams.

Then came the shutdown –never happened before and hopefully never will again.

We are developing a ‘Guide for a Return’ but still unsure when that will be.

Keep healthy and keep safe everyone

Denis Goodley -Manager

Action taken following shutdown

    1    The club closed in March and it was decided that there would be no summer leagues and we would hope to resume w/c 14th Sept with winter leagues starting w/c 21st Sept.

    2    2019/20 Leagues –Those leagues with outstanding matches to be played were decided by the ECBDuckworth/Lewis method.

    3    Club Officers –these were decided by succession, continuation in post or elected by the Bowls Committee.

    4    Members have been kept up to date during closedown via a weekly email Newsletter or Notices on the website or articles in the Press.

    5    Charities –there will be no Coffee Morning in September but a cheque for £500 will be sent to Norfolk Macmillan Nurses from existing monies in the charity account.

    6    Club/County Comps – those not decided will be completed as soon as possible on our return.

    7    Nationals –those not completed will be decided later in the year. Entries for the coming season have been sent off.

    8    County League –the ladies completed their league but the men will have to complete their fixtures before the new league starts. A decision on the future format of the Mens County League yet to be decided. Sadly Ashill Old Hall and Nth Walsham clubs have closed for good.

    9    Changes have been made to the club and new procedures introduced for whenever we are allowed to start again.

    10    Potters Group –following the sudden closure of Potters due to Corona the Acle group have been booked again for March 2021.

3. JEWSON's are no longer a sponsor at the Club so their sign will be removed.

4. FANS (no, not supporters!!)

Two extractor fans have been fitted to the ends of rinks 2 and 5 and with the existing fans set to take the air up and the boiler set to blow fresh air through the Club we hope to provide a better environment for all members.

5. Unfortunately we have to report the death of John Godsafe who died on Friday 24th July.



1. The plan at the moment is to open for roll-ups week commencing 14th September. Details for booking sessions etc to follow.

2. Domestic leagues will commence from September 21st.

3. See future (Newsletter) emails for league paperwork collection days and times.


1. Brian Grint's Funeral

Thanks to everyone who took the time to pay tribute to Brian.


These have now been scheduled to take place from 1st November to 20th November and the 2020 - 21 Club and County Team Competitions will commence after that date.

The 2020-21 National Finals will now be held from 5th to 23rd April 2021.


There is still no date for official return to indoor bowling. We await the wise word from Boris and Co!!



All entries for the leagues have been added to the system and are ready to be drawn when we get the green light from Boris and we are able to set a date for reopening. There is still time for captains who have understandably been reluctant to enter their teams to do so under a different captain if needs be if you have someone willing to do it.

2.   OFFICER POSTS 2020/21

There are some Club Officer positions still to be filled. Vice Presidents and Publicity Officer. If you are interested in any vacant posts or any other Officer post, please submit your nomination with your signature, signature of proposer and seconder as soon as possible.

3.   We have had sad news that John Caton has died recently.


There is a vacancy for a couple to join an Acle group going to Potters in March 2021 w/c 15th. Cost - Bungalow £344pp, Hotel £414pp. Contact Denis.


Brian's funeral is on Monday 13th July. The hearse will proceed from Peter Avenue down Acle High Street at 9.45am and if you wish to give your last farewell and pay tribute to this great guy by lining the street wearing Acle Indoor or outdoor shirts. 


Does anyone have any old weights from scales etc. or anything heavy that we could borrow to keep the double doors open for when we open until we are back to normal.

Brian Grint’s funeral will be at Colney on Monday 13th July.   Due to the current restrictions however it will be limited to 20 people and by invitation only.     Both our outdoor and the indoor club would like to see as many members as possible wearing their club colours (if possible) lining the road from Peter Avenue along the High St. in Acle from about 9.45am to applaud the hearse as it passes by on its way to Colney. Of course we will understand if people can’t make it on the day.  I’m sure Brian will be in your thoughts. 

In preparation for a return to Bowls.

1.     Acle Parish Council have now provided hand cleansing  stations around the village including top of Rec Car Park and entry to Centre.

2.    Rec Centre will provide a number of hand cleansing stands around the Centre.

3.    The double doors will both be left open ,so entry on left, exit opposite.

4.    A screen will be placed in front of Stewards desk.

5.    Starting times will be staggered to allow 15 mins to leave after your match and the next session 15mins to get ready.

6.    First session will be from 9-30am

7.    Games will be 1.5hrs only and charged at £2

8.    Triples can now be allowed  but not fours.

9.    Members will be expected to do their bit by coming with correct money.

10.    There will be a table at the end of each rink only, the rest will be stacked away.

11.    Chairs will be spaced around the lounge to allow members to change shoes.

12.    Changing rooms are closed ,so after your first visit, take your shoes and bowls home with you.

13.    Hand sanitisers will be provided on the tables and at stewards desk.

14.    Everyone keep I metre apart at all times.

15.    Extractor fans will be provided at the ends of rinks 2 and 5.

16.    Our fans will be fixed for air movement upwards only.

17.    Separate Jacks and mats for each team will be provide so Home team use yellow mat with yellow jack and away team use white jack and mat, so leads need  to keep on their guard.

18.    Electric scoreboards will be switched off and players use scorecards only and their own pen.

19.    Players on rink  to keep 1 metre apart so those not playing may well be off the rink.

20.    Spectators are discouraged

21.    Jacks and mats will be wiped down after each match by the Stewards.

22.    No shaking hands ,obviously.

23.    The bowls area will be ‘fogged’ by the Caretaker in early morning  

24.    Hand wipes and disposable gloves provided for Stewards

25.    Masks available to purchase at desk.

26.    Remember to keep apart when moving up and down green.

No date has been fixed for a return, we are afterall at greater risk than other sports because of  the age profile.

The final decision on whether to return is yours but we will do all we can to make it a safe environment for you

I thought I would keep you informed of action taken or planned.           Denis


Brian Grint

My memories by Denis Goodley

Sadly, last week, the club lost one of its most hardworking members. It was with utter shock and dismay that members learnt of the untimely death of Brian. The Air Ambulance was called and even with 4 paramedics on site they were unable to save him.

I have known Brian for over 50 years and he was one of the first ‘ real Norfolk Boys’ I met when I moved to Norfolk and into Halvergate. He came to my door asking me to join a local Ratepayers Association and was shocked to learn that I did in fact work for the local authority and even more surprised when I joined his Association.

Brian became a Parish Councillor and I was asked to take on the role of Parish Clerk.

A unique partnership was born, I would arrange funding and the purchase of 5 acres of land for a new playing field and Brian would organize the stone picking teams, I would purchase the old schoolrooms from the American School at Bradwell and Brian would organize a gang to dismantle same and transport to the village., for erection as our new Sports Pavilion and changing rooms. We obviously had many fund raising schemes going.

I also remember working with Brian on my hands and knees counter sinking nails in the old school floor ready for our first dance event, as we had purchased the school as a Social Club for the village. This partnership continued when we moved to Acle where we both became Parish Councillors and hatched the idea of building a 6 rink indoor bowling club at the Recreation Centre from money borrowed from the Parish Council. We paid that money back within 7 years and since have deposited over £1.5m into the Recreation Centre coffers.

Of course we were doing this work in our spare time as Brian was working at Anglia TV and I was at Broadland DC.

Not content with this work Brian was also Secretary of the local historic society and also a trustee of the lands trust. He even asked me if they could dig a hole in my garden for some excavation experiment. I declined.

At the indoor bowls Brian became the Mens B Team Captain recently, but for many years was our local press officer and wrote the weekly column in the Gt Yarmouth Mercury. He was also an author and wrote the histories of both Halvergate and Acle.

He was our club photographer as well as the ‘call to man’ for other local sports clubs for team photos. He supported the Acle Football and Cricket Teams. He was a keen photographer and could often be seen out early in the mornings taking great shots of the sunrise. He would even have a go at painting –enough said on that.

Brian was also the outdoor bowls club green keeper and he was working there nearly everyday summer and winter.

He was instrumental in providing the village with Damgate, Roman Woods and Jubliee Woods walks. He was a player for Norfolk County Federation for many years and a member of their Committee and as if he did not have enough to do he took on the running of the Yarmouth Tournament last year.

Of course if you went out for a meal with Brian, it did not matter what type of Restaurant, as he was a man of habit, and it would be steak and chips or fish/chips and of course mushy peas for him.

Brian had Halvergate/Acle village life running through his veins. I, and, oh so many more, will miss him hugely. He leaves both villages in great shape.

Thank you Brian for being a friend to me and my family.

Our thoughts are with your families.



1. AGM - Having consulted with the existing Bowls Committee it has been agreed that there will be no AGM this year.

 1.1 Officer Posts - All existing Officers will remain in post but where we have a retirement, the Committee will endeavour to fill that post.

 1.2 If we have 2 nominations for say a captain's role then Denis or Lilian will phone all existing members of that team and ask them to choose.

 1.3 Finance - Very briefly, we have £20,788.00 in the Bank. This is an increase of £1668.00 over the previous year. Thanks to Pat for excellent record keeping.

 1.4 The books are with John Annis who is a qualified accountant. He will undertake an audit as usual.

 1.5 Rules - There will obviously be no changes in Club Rules or the Constitution.

2. 'New' Novice League (Friday 2.30pm) - It may be that you are interested in playing in this league but do not belong to a team or have a team of your own. Please notify Lilian of your interest and we will compile a team with those names on the list.

3. Opening - No fixed date obviously as yet but the Committee have produced a 'Guide to Returning to Bowls' which will be published closer the date.

4. Raffle - Still no claim for the £50 first prize. All winners are published on the website.

5. Federation - Federation entry forms are now available on the website for 2020/21 Indoor Competitions. Closing date for entry is 1st October. At last they have recognised that Acle has more entries than other clubs and may be allowing us 2 entries into semi-finals. Yet to be ratified at an AGM.

6. Future - The list of club officers will be on the next Newsletter.

7. The Guide produced by the Committee on 'returning to bowls' will also be on a future Newsletter. All subject to change as the Government decide on policies.

8. The Centre is gearing up for an opening with fogger machine (Disinfectant/Sanitiser Spray), hand sanitiser stations, extractor fans etc.



If we venture back before a vaccine is found I am not sure how many of our older Stewards would feel comfortable in their post so now would be a good time for some of our younger members to put their names forwards. Please contact Lilian or Denis on email:;;

2. There will be a photo of Angela Lee with her bottle of bubbly as our very first Garden Contest winner on the web when next the sun shines.


For those who have only been playing for 3 years or less - get your entries in for Open Triples on Fridays at 2.30pm


Summer appears to be here, on some days at least. It is good bowling weather for outdoors. Some clubs are opening with certain restrictions for your safety so get out for some fresh air and exercise. BUT STAY SAFE!!



Have you checked to see if you are a winner, especially for the £50?

2. Sadly we have to report the sad death of Ken Pink at the ago of 91 years.


The winner of the Garden Competition is Angela Lee and Denis will drop round with a bottle of bubbly. Well done. Thank you to all 15 entrants for your excellent photos.


Lilian will be compiling a list of captains to ring about entries to leagues that have not come in yet.


It would be helpful if we all paid our subs sooner rather than later this season - once the doors open of course.


If you want to pick up your bowls from the club, Lilian will be at the club on Mondays from 10.00am and Denis would open club in emergencies.

7. When we do open we will still take care and we will have masks available for sale and cleaning stations at the end of each rink. Anyone attending the club who is ill will be taken outside and shot, unless their name is Cummings when they will be interrogated and then shot.

8. Denis has been working with the EIBA on a New Code of Practice and will then work with the Rec Centre on a Risk Assessment in readiness for our future opening.

9. Nobody has claimed the £50 prize in the raffle - hurry up before Denis spends it on more paint.



Good news, all of us will be given a £10pppn 'YES' per night, credit card when we arrive to be spent on the Resort. Great news for Gin and Tonic Gang!


We have 9 entries so far to the Garden Contest but still waiting for someone to make a trophy of some description.


Good news for the outdoor bowlers being allowed to play singles. We are still planning on a September 14th opening for roll ups indoors with leagues starting the following week. Some sort of control of numbers will be in force if social distancing is still a directive from government. Fingers and everything else crossed. 


Have you notified Lilian of your winter league entries yet? If you don't want to post them to the office you can call or email the office,01493 750869, on Monday mornings or any time at home, 01603 439949, . You could also put a note through the letterbox at the Club.

5. When things ease a little more I am hoping to open the office for a couple of mornings as we have a glass panel between us and yourselves.


Due to the changes in the Ladies County League, we will have to take 30 minutes off the junior training time on certain Fridays. (Only 4 rinks will be used for County League so junior coaches could use the other 2 if necessary, or use the time for tuition in the lounge area.)


To clarify, we are trying to form a Novice League for this slot but are also still taking entries under the old 'Open Triples' format. So, dependent on response for both, we may run 1 or 2 leagues on alternate weeks or just one.


Our Webmaster has the League Winners for 2019/20 season and the winners of the 50/50 Raffle which was drawn last week by Denis and Chairman Peter Church and are now on the Website (below). Keep a look out for your name but the winner of the Top Prize of £50 is not known. The lucky winner has a Blue ticket, number 925. If this is you, please contact the office on Monday mornings or me at home anytime and I will forward your Prize.


1. Wednesday Evening League

Those Captains who had a Double Triples team should consider putting 2 teams in the New Aussie Open Pairs to give their squad members a good chance of playing more often. At this time I have 6 captains entered a team with only one of those has 2 teams. I am still waiting to hear from 6 other captains from last season who haven't entered yet. Just a thought!

2. Friday Open Triples

At 2.30 on Fridays there will be a new Open Triples league but only for players of limited experience i.e. having only played for 3 years or less. A great opportunity for new members to try competitive matches.

3. Saturday Morning Gang!

The new rota will be made ready for when we open again but I would remind you all that matches will start at 10.00am to allow for the Ladies County League to start at midday. You will be given the choice of start times in the Summer of 2021.

4. Men's County League

We will still have to play some outstanding games from last season and it is likely that the 2020/2021 season will be based on 2 rinks at home and 2 away.

5. National (EIBA) Competitions

I will be completing the paperwork for National entries to send to the EIBA on Monday 1st June, therefore if you have not already done so please send me your forms. You may of course send your entry directly to EIBA but all entries have to be into the National body by 8th June.

6. 2020 National Finals

These will be re-scheduled between 14th September and 12th October 2020.

7. Club AGM

Any officer nominations or proposals should be sent to the Club.


History of Acle IBC and administration of Recreation Centre.

In 1992 the then Acle Parish Council sold land to Wimpey for nearly £1m and had no plans as to what to do with the interest (those were the days when Banks actually paid interest), let alone use of the capital

I was on the PC at the time and suggested they investigate adding a 6 rink indoor bowling club to the Centre. They agreed to undertake an independent feasibility survey which found in favour of the idea.

The sum of £350,000 was loaned (interest free) to the Recreation Committee as we also had to provide new playing equipment for the children and improve the car park.

I promised to pay the money back within 10 yrs but in fact we were in a position to do this in 7years.

Since then of course the club has become one of the most successful clubs in the country and over £1.5m has been passed to the Recreation Centre.

Recreation Committee

This Committee is responsible for the administration of the whole Centre. The committee has a large number of members nominated by the Parish Council and also has representatives from all users of the Centre.

Each year clubs nominate their reps and so tennis, indoor bowls, outdoor bowls, football, and cricket are all represented on the Committee. Our representative for the past few years has been Ken Scott-Greenard and we thank him for his time devoted to this vital role.

The Centre is a registered charity and in the old days charities were not allowed to run licensed premises so they had to form a separate Social Club Committee.

Social Club Committee

In the old days all those involved were volunteers so undertook the administration, serving behind the bar etc., free of charge. They obviously made a very good profit and were able to help the Recreation Centre financially.

Times change and it was necessary to employ Stewards to run the Social Club so naturally profits dropped.

This Committee is elected annually at an AGM from members of the Social Club.

All indoor bowlers are automatically members of the Social Club and so eligible for election.

It would be great to have some of our members volunteer to serve on this Committee and when times return to normal we will ask members to come forward and help. You will not be expected to serve behind the bar nowadays. Please keep an eye out for these elections.

Indoor Bowls Committee

Elected annually at AGM consisting of Officers of the club such as Secretaries, Presidents, Competition, Captains etc.,


A reminder to enter into our Garden Competition. To enter you go to and submit 4 photos. Bill will allocate a number to your entry. Good Luck


Is there any member who will be able to build or donate a trophy for the winner of the Gardening Contest. If you can please notify Denis or Lilian.


We are sorry to announce that we have lost two more members of our bowls club - Gerald (Lester Harrison and Terry Punchard. Our sincere condolences to their families at this difficult time.





Just a reminder that we require your entries and that the Wednesday Double Triples is no longer and has been replaced with 2 divisions of Open Aussie Pairs.


The final date to receive EIBA Competitions if you would like me to process them is 1st June as the closing date has been extended until 7th. You may of course send your entries directly to EIBA if you wish.


As we will be unable to have our Coffee Morning in aid of MacMillan Nurses the Committee have agreed to contribute £500 from the General Charity Fund.


As so many of us are spending so much time in our gardens the Committee have launched a 'Gardening Contest for Members'. To enter you go to and submit 4 photos. Bill will allocate a number to your entry. We have, at great expense, persuaded an Anglia in Bloom judge to decide who the winners are. All submissions must be in by 1st June. - Good Luck


We are hoping that some DIY members will be able to build and donate a trophy for the winner of the Gardening Contest. If you can please notify Denis or Lilian. Fortunately Denis is only allowed to work in the garden under close supervision.


We are sorry to announce the death of two past members recently. Jim Cole and Archie Tinkler. Our condolences to both of their families.


Well done to Trish and David Wooden for your contribution on the Website which really made me laugh. Check it out for yourself. A brighter moment to lighten your days.


Our techno wizard Bill Downie is currently helping a top club in Spain who are planning to install webcams.

9. We are still being positive and working for an October opening. That is this year and not 2021, hopefully.



1.   I hope everyone is keeping safe and well in these very difficult times.

2. POTTERS GANG! Denis has been booked the same week and accommodation for everyone for next March but anyone unable to go, let him know so he can arrange a voucher for you.

3. Old Hall bowls club has closed permanently.

4. Lynnsport A Men's Team have withdrawn and so all their results have been removed from the league which means Acle A are undefeated in the league. Lynnsport B will continue.

5. All Acle Club competitions will be left open until we open, hopefully, in September.

6. There is still time to enter National Competitions. Forms are available to download from the Acle Website. You may send your entries to the bowls club before the end of May as the closing date from EIBA has been extended to 7th June.

7. The May Newsletter will follow shortly with the final domestic league placings which are being worked out with a previously tried and tested formula.

8. The 50/50 Raffle will now be drawn as soon as restrictions are lifted.

9. Winter Leagues are coming in slowly. We will need to have as many as possible before the beginning of June to enable enough time to ring round Captains who have not already entered to check they are entering. Forms for Winter Leagues are on the Acle Website to print off. Send them in with payment to the Club as soon as possible please.



1.   CLOSURE. The Club will now go on total shutdown and following latest Government Guidelines, Denis will not now be opening as he hoped on Tuesday and Saturday mornings.

2.   Winter League, National and Club and County competition forms are on the website. There is no closing date as such as the goalposts keep moving.

3.   ACLE AGM. There will be no AGM but Denis will be happy to receive any proposals and nominations in the post so we can work on them and hopefully a lot of the officer posts can be slotted in. Where a vote has to be taken it will happen when we open the doors again.

4.   WEDNESDAY EVENING. Following the survey, Wednesday Evenings will be an Aussie Format, hopefully in 2 Divisions and the Committee will decide which leagues teams will initially play in, so when you put in your entry please declare all the players in your team.

5.   RAFFLE. Denis will draw the 50/50 raffle and any dated items will be replaced. Winners listed on future Newsletter but obviously not sure when you can collect.

6.   MONIES. We will be donating £120 to Juniors and £120 to Aspergers Society from the raffle money. Thanks for your support.

7.   I cannot think what, but if there is something at club that you cannot live without, contact Denis and he will arrange exchange.

8.   PRESENTATION EVENING. This has been cancelled and the final league positions decided later by Committee unless obvious. Club Finals will take place in the second week of our return, perhaps on Sundays.


Please Note :

 The Club is now closed at ALL times

until further notice.

All Neccesary Forms for the AGM and next season will be made available for Downloading early this week commencing 23rd March


1. There will be no Summer Leagues (entry fee refunded later) and No Drives.

2. Club Raffle which has already raised £100 for Juniors and £100 for Aspergers Society will be drawn at the next Committee Meeting.

3. Presentation Night - cancelled.

4. AGM - cancelled


Denis Goodley



1. 50/50 RAFFLE. Still time to buy your raffle tickets for the Grand 50/50 draw which will be on 1st April. Proceeds will be divided between Asperger Society and Acle Junior Section. First Prize £50.

2. WEDNESDAY NIGHT SURVEY. Survey sheets are available. Please complete as soon as possible.

3. CLUB BASEBALL CAPS. On sale at reception for £10 for use indoors or out to wear with pride as you probably play for the best club in the country.

4.   DUTY STEWARD. We could do with at least 1 more steward to cover for retirements and illness.

5.   COVID-19. A reminder to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus to use the gel dispensers in changing rooms after washing your hands thoroughly. The shaking of hands before and after a game is optional.

6.   NEW LEAGUE. The Open Triples league on Fridays at 2.30pm could be changed to a Novice League which will only be open to players who have played 3 years or less or it can be an open triples format. OR Should we say Open Pairs which is easier for new members to find a partner? Lets have your thoughts. 


1. The AGM of Acle Indoor Bowls Club will be held on Monday 27th April in the bowls lounge at 7.30pm. For any new or existing member wishing to represent Acle in any of the Club's 6 County teams can contact any of the Captains for further information or enter name and contact details on the list pinned on the ladies and men's noticeboards. The squads for 2020/21 season will be decided soon.

2. The Acle Presentation Evening will be held on Saturday 9th May. Tickets and further details will be available soon.

3. Look out for a survey coming out soon about Wednesday Double Triples for options to change it to some other playing format.

4. The Acle Recreation Centre are having an Open Weekend on 20th and 21st June and the Bowls Club will open for people to 'have a go'. Details will be posted later.

5. We are having a BIG 50, 50/50 raffle in aid of Aspergers Society (in support of our very own Matty Sparrow who is the Norfolk Federation County President this year), and 50% to our Junior section.

6. We are in need of a Steward to undertake the duty on Saturday mornings from 10am to 12.30pm and of course other days if you are interested. See Denis or Lilian for details. Full training will be given.

7. Next season we will be welcoming Jane and John Mann as our new Club Presidents.

8. England International, Andy Thomson will be visiting the Club on Monday 20th April to undertake a coaching session for our youngsters.

9. We will be having another Adult Skills night on Thursday 16th April. Details to follow.

10. There is a list of Social Events posted on the Noticeboard and we are already planning for next season.

11. WEB STATISTICS. To date we have had 19,455 hits on You Tube featuring our youngsters in the Potters Junior Final of 2013.



1. Hope it is not too late to wish everyone a Happy New Year and a Healthy one.

2. We have 16 entries in the Wednesday night Aussie League. The teams will be split into 4 groups and winners will play a semi final and final.

3. Radio Norfolk. The Club was used as part of the Sunday morning Treasure Hunt with a visit from Julie Reinger who had to bowl to the 'jack' to find her next clue. Good publicity for the Club.

4. Next season. You will see a list of vacancies we have in various leagues for next season so please advise Lilian or Denis or any Duty Steward if interested so we can put you on the list which helps us formulate the program for next season.

5. Ladies County League. Next season is progressing ahead with changes despite the wishes of Acle Captains, negotiations will continue and we are investigating alternatives.

6. Federation. A programme of play-offs for the Federation competitions are displayed on the noticeboard.

7. The club is proud of the way the Acle Men's A team has unified as a TEAM and despite losing 8 players they are as strong as ever.

8. Top Club. congratulations to the players on reaching the last 16 of this national competition.

9. Congratulations to Ryan on being selected not only in the U18 England side but also in the England U25s team. Ryan becomes our thirteenth member to represent England - quite an achievement for a village club.

11. Please make yourselves aware of club rules with regards leagues. We recently had a team of ladies playing in a mixed triples league which is not allowed. Mixed leagues must include at least one member of the opposite gender, ladies leagues are only for ladies and men's leagues are only for men. The only other league which allows a team of all ladies or all men is the Friday Open Triples League.


Acle Indoor Bowls Club retained the County O60s double rink league for the second season and have en undefeated at home and away for the past 2 years.

In the County Final at Dereham IBC they again met Woodlands IBC from Sheringham with  the rink of Brian Kirby Ian Anderson, Ivan Borrett and skip Denis Goodley winning   22 - 18 and the other rink of Richard Pope, Bernard Wymer,  Paul Webb and  skip Roger Barnbrook winning    27 – 14.

17yr old Ryan Garman of the Acle Indoor Bowls Club was voted ‘ ‘Player of the Series ‘for England at the recent British Isles Championships .He is being presented with the Award by Denis Goodley who is Hon Life Member of the governing body of indoor bowls, the EIBA, and he is also the very proud  Manager of Acle IBC.

‘Not only did Ryan receive this award for England but another ex Acle IBC  member who was representing Wales ,Daniel Seabourne ,was awarded ‘Most Valuable Player ‘of  all four Countries represented,’ he said,’this must be the first time that one club has provided  both award winners at this level,’he added.

‘Ryan represented England U 18s last year and this year, at still only 17yrs of age represented England at  U25s  level. He is a credit to the club and their hard working coaching staff.’

The first winner of this award was yet another Acle bowler, Tim Stone, who won it in 2002/3 and went on to play for  the Senior England side and  also play in the World Championships on two occasions.

July Reinger of Radio Norfolks Treasure Quest who visited Acle Indoor Bowls to find a clue under a 'jack'

She is seen in Seen in the photo with 17 yr old Ryan Garman, our current England International, who instructed her how to bowl to the jack.

Also in the photo is Arran and Syd who always coach beginners on Sunday mornings

Bowls Hierarchy honour Norfolk Man

At a ceremony at the Acle Indoor Bowls Club recently, Ken Ince the retired Norfolk County Indoor  Bowls Secretary was presented with the very first ‘Service of Merit Award’ from the English Indoor Bowls Association who were represented by their CEO, Peter Thompson who said,’

‘ I am delighted to be here today to present the first Service of Merit Award from the EIBA which recognises a very high level of dedication to the sport of bowls.’

Ken is a prime example of why this Award has been created. He has provided nearly 40 years of administration to the game in Norfolk through his own club and the Norfolk County Bowls Associaion. During this period he was County Secretary from 2000 to 2017 and President in 2010-11.

‘He provided great service to the EIBA as an Area Competition Secretary for 11 seasons and also our voluntary ‘proof reader’ of publications’

Therefore it gives me great pleasure to say Ken Ince, thank you on behalf of the EIBA and sport of Indoor Bowls for all that you have done and I am delighted to present our Service of Merit Award

Additional info for Acle Members – Ken was a member of Acle IBC and our Manager, whilst in post as Director of the EBA, nominated Ken for this Award.

These pictures go back to 2011 when Denis used to organise a junior tournament at Acle for all 7 of the schools.   We also used to go to the schools to coach shortmat as an after school activity .

‘Those were the days’

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